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2015-08-17 23:22:31 by ConnorQuothe


Oh wow look at that it's a thing

2015-08-17 23:15:45 by ConnorQuothe

Oh dude check out my mood. I'm all "yeah I've got a five o clock shadow. Want to fight about it?"

In reality, I don't feel like fighting at all! I hope no one takes that lovable icon the wrong way.

Oh dear lord I bet someone will. FRICK. How do I change that?? Oh no! I've already hit submit!

No! Noooooo! Heaven save my soul! There's no going back now. The deed is done.

Merciful Lord in heaven please deliver me from the hell I have created for myself. *sob*

I bet someone's coming right now to fight me. They saw my little man and they took it as a challenge.

Curses! Curses against you little man! Had I not been overtaken by your roguish charm I could have escaped this cruel fate!

Here they come. I know they're there. They're knocking on the door.

They found out where I live and they want to fight me.

I don't want to fight.

I never wanted to fight...